Company, Inc.

Iroquois Design

Markets / Industries

Air Bag Components
Fuel Cells
Battery Sub-assembly
Drive Train Components
Engine Control Modules
Fuel Injectors
Fuel Rail Assembly Machines
Fuel Tube Bending Machines
Heating and Air Conditioning
Intake Manifolds
Steering Systems
Transmission Components
Wiper Motor and Module Assembly
Ball Bearing Assembly
Commercial Lighting
Copier Products
Refrigerator Deodorizer
Sewage Pumps
Zipper Track Bag Assembly
Adhesive and Potting Dispensing
Battery Assembly
Silicone Wafer Handling
Leak Test;
       Mass Spec, Pressure Decay

Noise Test

Temperature Controlled
       Environment Test

Vibration Test
Blood Analyzers
Contact Lenses and Eyewear
Dental Devices
Intravenous Components
Life Sciences Products
Surgical Instruments
Sutures and Needles
X-ray Film
Fuel Cells
Solar Products
Audit Stands
Barcode Scanning Systems
Brazing Systems
Blister Packaging
Box Filling / Packaging
Cap Drivers
Clean Room Equipment
Continuous Motion
Die Cutting
Die Forming
Dispensing Machines
Heat Stake and Seal
High Speed Robotic Systems
Laser (Welding, Cutting, Printing)
Servo Feeds / Drivers
Spin Welding
Lubrication Stands
Ultrasonic Welding
Vision Inspection
Web Handling